Tuesday, July 20, 2010

List of Pakistani Billionaires

Following is the list of Pakistani billionaires at the end of decade, arranged alphabetically. Richest Pakistani of every decade is highlighted.

Agha Hasan Abedi US$ ~800 million

Ahmad Dawood Rs. 1 billion Founder of Dawood Group

Akbar Bugti US$ ~300 million

Altaf Hussain US$ 1.5 billion, Main source of income is protection money from Karachi to the tune of US$ 300 million per year

Anwar Majid US$ 2 billion, Full partner in every venture of Asif Ali Zardari

Ashraf Hussain, US$ 4 billion Elder brother of Seth Abid

Asif Ali Zardari US$ 3 billion

Ayub Afridi US$ 2 billion, Currently Pakistan's top drug dealer

Double Shah US$ 800 million, He became Pakistan's third richest person in less than 18 months before getting arrested for fraud

Ghulam Muhammad Mehr US$ 500 million, Owned 100,000 acres of land in Pakistan

Ghulam Murtaza Jatoi US$ 500 million, Owns 30,000 acres of land

Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi US$ 1 billion, Owned 80,000 acres of land in Pakistan

Gohar Ayub Khan US$ 500 million

Iqbal Ali Lakhani US$ 2 billion Chairman ofLackso Group

Iqbal Z. Ahmed US$ 1 billion, Has monopoly in Pakistan's energy industry

Mian Muhammad Mansha US$ 5 to 10 billion

Mirza Iqbal Baig US$ 1 billion, Arrested and extradited to USA in 1995

Muhammad Amin US$ 300 million

Mumtaz Ali Bhutto US$ 500 million, Owns 10,000 acres of prime land

Nasir Schon US$ 1 billion Head of Schon Group and friend of Benazir Butto & Asif Ali Zardari

Nawaz Sharif US$ 2 billion

Omer Sohail Zia Butt US$ 100 million Son of Sohail Zia But and newphew of Nawaz Sharif

Salman Faruqui US$ 500 million , The most corrupt Pakistani bureaucrat

Shahbaz Sharif US$ 1.5 billion

Shaukat Aziz US$ 150 million, His main source of wealth is CitiBank shares as a result of his job

Sikandar Ali Jatoi US$ 500 million Asif ali Zardari's close friend

Sohail Zia Butt US$ 1 billion He is Nawaz Sharif's cousin and one of Pakistan's biggest gang lords.

Usman Farooqi US$ 300 million Brother of Salman Farooqi

Yousaf Raza Gillani US$ 450 million, His current biggest assets include power projects in and around Multan and agriculture land

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  1. Where is Akeel Karim Daidhi, Arif Habib etc.???